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Detailed history

Titanium pump body


COMEPRE Srl (COstruzioni MEtalli PREgiati) was founded in 1972 by Alessandro Manfredi, that led the Company for many years.

In the 60s, except for a few large companies in the aviation industry, in Italy there were no companies capable of working and, particularly, to weld the Titanium, an innovative material that began to be increasingly used and required for its strength and light weight.

Telaio di AlfaRomeo Sport PrototipiAlessandro Manfredi, skilled welder, at the time was employed as a foreman in Settimo Milanese at the workshops Aletti & Mosca, whose factory was adjacent to the Autodelta factory, racing department of Alfa Romeo. Autodelta often had recourse to the Manfredi’s experience and advice for particularly difficult weldings to perform on frames and components of the racing cars, at that time made of steel or Aluminium.

Carlo ChitiTo Manfredi he turned Carlo Chiti, a mechanical engineer who was General Manager of Autodelta, when he returned from a trip to the United States bringing with him some titanium tubes with which he wanted to build a new racing-type chassis.

Challenged and almost "provoked" by Carlo Chiti, Manfredi wanted to demonstrate his skills and, after retrieving all the information existing on this material (in fact very few, at the time) tried his hand in this new challenge, realizing at Aletti & Moscow the first experimental equipment for welding titanium.

Cabina di saldatura ad alto vuotoGiacomo Agostini su MV AgustaAfter some initial difficulties, he found the solution and he perfected processes. Thus began his collaboration with Autodelta, but also with MV Agusta, for which many of Manfredi did weld motorcycle frames in titanium, with which Giacomo Agostini dominated unchallenged the world championship from the second half of the sixties to the early seventies. In the same period COMEPRE began working in other areas of sport both professional and amateur, including cycling and sailing competition, but also started the production of components for the industry, which required more and more the use of titanium.

La prima officina COMEPREAfter a few years the Aletti & Moscow fell into crisis and Alessandro Manfredi, after having resigned, he started his own business in a small workshop and built new high vacuum and controlled atmosphere welding cabins, necessary to carry out this type of work on titanium components.

Elena ManfrediThe financial resources of Manfredi were however limited. The mother of Manfredi, the legendary Mrs. Elena, was born in Maranello and she had attended primary and secondary schools as a schoolmate of Enzo Ferrari. She suggested to his son to meet the legendary "Drake", and to ask him for his help and to get some job order from the Ferrari factory. And Enzo Ferrari, whose antennae had already picked up news about this gentleman in Settimo Milanese able to weld the titanium, not asked Manfredi to be prayed too. Indeed he did put under the Manfedi’s nose a check for five million liras (which in 1972 were good money!) and said, "You will give me them back with supplies."

Cabina di saldatura ad alto vuotoAlfaRomeo GTA di Autodelta


With this "credit opening" were bought new welding machines and improved what COMEPRE started. The partnership with Ferrari and with AlfaRomeo/Autodelta became ever closer and to these two famous teams, soon was added a large group of other Customers, big and small, that increased the fame and reputation of COMEPRE.


Corpo pompa e girante in Titanio elettrosaldato

The market was expanded from sports to other sectors, industrial and not, together with the increasing use of titanium. However COMEPRE did not limit itself only to this material: the experience made it possible through time to gain knowledge and skills in the manufacture of other non-ferrous metals. From common Aluminum to rare Tantalum, from Zirconium to Niobium. But also alloys of high strength steel and Nickel based alloys. 



Ambrogio Fogar e la slitta in TitanioAnd then they were acquired customers in the chemical, galvanic, electronics, medical etc. To these customers, then were joined by occasional, but more and more frequent, incursions in different fields, from the art -with the creation of sculptures welded according to artist's drawing- to equipment for acrobats, from furniture to components for architecture, from blades and screws for dental implant to various tools, such as the Titanium sledge used by Ambrogio Fogar to reach the North Pole by walking.


Galleggiante in Titanio per indicatore di livello di alta pressiioneIn the second half of the 80s, Alessandro Manfredi sought someone willing to join him or to take over his company: that was how the group TARGA SpA, which was a client of COMEPRE through several of its subsidiaries, acquired all the shares, while maintaining for many years a close collaboration with Manfredi, collaboration which allowed the gradual and total transfer to the current management of all the knowledge acquired during his long career.

Collettore marino in TitanioLampadario per chiesa a BergamoCOMEPRE performs processes that require skill and technology that is not available from the traditional workshops of carpentry. The range of products and services is extremely wide: ranging from welding processes up to the production of semi-finished metal pieces; from the realization of specific items according to customer drawing up to the production of finished goods. Being a Company extremely versatile, COMEPRE collaborates with both Companies and professionals engineering & architecture , as well as with both designers and artists, performing services and supplying products processed and welded using titanium and other noble metals or alloys.


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