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The type of worked materials, such as titanium, aluminum and nickel alloys, the predisposition of COMEPRE for research and innovation, flexibility and experience of its workers, combined with the desire to experiment and innovate that has always characterize us, make us the ideal partner for architects and designers who wish to complete both samples and prototypes for the next stage of mass production, as well as finished products.

And so, over the years, we have built lamps and chandeliers coatings, balustrades and railings, stairs and ladders, pots, furniture, parts of furniture, chairs, tables, shelves, components and support structures, consolidation or restoration, and more we are required to do in single or small series.

It would be impossible to enumerate all: here we limit ourselves to present some of the major achievements of size, also by the number of individuals and companies involved, and refer for other examples, to the images at the bottom of the page.

IL "CLUSTER" of the church St. Lucia in Bergamo 

Customer: Parrocchia S. Lucia - Don Attilio Bianchi
Architectural design: Arch. Franco Maffeis
Design of structure (dome): Ing.Giovanni Boxi
Design of structures (cluster): Ing. Luigi Bianchi
Acustic design: Dott. Enrico Moretti
Lighting design: Arch. Piero Castiglioni and Arch. Guido Bianchi
Design of safety: Ing.Cristiana Cò
Masonry works: Impresa Ing. G.Pandini Srl
Cluster: Comepre Srl
Electric system: Saturnina Mario Srl
Furnishings: FIAPP International
Marble: Ditta Remuzzi Camillo
Restorations: Villa Vincenzo Laboratorio dì restauro
Scaffolding: Tecnopont Srl


The structure of chandelier consists of three main sections:

  1. stainless steel center ring with "L" section having outside diameter about 1.000 mm, height about 120 mm and thickness 30 mm, the structure of which enables it to support all the weight of the chandelier and to which are fixed the anchorage parts to the hoist;
  2. mantle of the overall diameter of about 6.000 mm, slightly conical, composed of 8 segments of perforated aluminum alloy sheet and fixed to as many arms having "U" shape, which are also of aluminum alloy, in turn anchored to the central steel ring;
  3. illuminating bulb made of aluminum alloy in the shape of a truncated pyramid of section sides 12 of diameter about 1.000 mm, overall height 400 mm, containing lighting devices directed downwards and outside which are housed the control electronics.

The assembly takes the form of inverted umbrella, in the upper part of which are housed the acoustic devices and headlights for illumination of the ceiling. The total weight of the structure is about 800 kg, its handling is entrusted to an electric hoist installed at the upper end of the vault and the definitive anchoring takes place by means of a tube of aluminum alloy of diameter 80 mm, thickness 10 mm, length 15,000 mm. This hoist is designed and installed in compliance with safety requirements and design parameters imposed by the structure of the vault.

All parts of the structure are fixed with stainless steel bolts and riveted with high strength rivets .

Logge del Papa in Siena, intervention of static consolidation

Architecture: Arch. Alessandro Bagnoli
Design of structures:  Ing. Rodolfo Casini and Ing. Francesco Vannini
Cronologia: 1997-1998


COMEPRE has created titanium cerclage rings to be placed below and above the capitals and titanium shaped fixtures to be placed above the capitals on which to hang the reinforcement rods, also made of titanium. All previous columns cerclage made in iron have been left in place.

Chandelier for the conference room UBI Banca – Brescia

Architecture: Arch. Gregotti & Associati
Lighting design: Arch. Piero Castiglioni


COMEPRE realized the welded stainless steel frame on which were mounted by Castiglioni all illuminating components.

Below are some of the other artefacts COMEPRE for architecture.



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