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Synchromedical welding machine



Sincryal di Comepre 1974

In the seventies COMEPRE Company collaborated with Dr. Pier Luigi Mondani in the realization of “SYncrial”, the first intraoral welding machine machine able to perform the conjunction for syncrystallization, by spot welding points, of parts or of metallic implants also already firmly implanted in the bone tissue.

Saldatrice Synchromedical

The experience gained in over 40 years allows us to offer now to Customers a new welding machine.

In addition to improving the performance of the previous one, the technological innovations make it an absolutely superior product, which has solved the operator's needs, usage issues and condition for safe operation.

The SYNCHROMEDICAL welding machine is made so as to ensure:

Absolute safety, both for the operator and the patient, in every condition and situation.
Ease use, versatility and adaptability to different operational needs.
All the power you need, with minimal heating of the welded pieces.

Reduction of electrolytic dissociation.
Immediate response to the command, speed and accuracy.
• Compactness, light weight and portability as well as long operating autonomy.
• Easy cleaning, hygiene and possibility of sterilization of the parts to be used in contact with the patient.


SYNCHROMEDICAL welding machine is manufactured according to the latest standards of safety for medical equipment. The machine is entirely sealed in a container made of stainless steel, waterproof according to the IP55 standard, which makes it absolutely sealed to any liquid and dust. The machine is powered by Nickel-Cadmium battery and there is no connection, during its use, between the welding machine and the external power network. A particular circuit inhibits the operation of the machine when it is connected to the network for recharging the battery. A particular circuit eliminates any dangerous voltage between the electrodes of the clamp, thus avoiding the risk of possible discharges during the positioning phase.

Saldatrice Synchromedical


The SYNCHROMEDICAL welding machine provides all the power necessary to weld the Titanium and all metals commonly employed (i.e two wires of three millimeters in diameter), thus allowing to effectively solve the problems of welding of all the items today commonly used in medical-surgical activities. The speed of the welding, which occurs in a few milliseconds by means of a sequence of two spaced pulses, allows to avoid the excessive heating of the bone of the patient, avoiding the problems of fibrinoid necrosis. This allows to operate also on items fixed to resin or plastic material, without generating damages or deformations of the support.


The welding machine driving circuit allows you to make the welding cycle exactly at the desired time, without delays or uncertainties after the command is activated. The power delivery is immediate for both impulses, without the need of stops or time-out for  charging. The interval between the two pulses can be predetermined by the operator. The power level is adjusted with absolute consistency and accuracy. The charging time for the execution of a subsequent welding cycle is extremely low and requires only a few seconds.


A particular and exclusive circuit eliminates any possible harmful generation of potential differences that may trigger phenomena of electrochemical dissociation in the prosthesis object of welding.


The controls are simple and linear. The settings of the machine are guided and facilitated by a series of self-explanatory bright LEDs. Tongs and electrodes of various models, easily and quickly interchangeable, allow the maximum versatility.

Synchromedical - Pinze tipo A


The machine, thanks to its sealed container, can be fully cleaned with detergents or disinfectants. The welding tongs, made of copper coated with PTFE, and the cables the braid-soft copper lined with a special silicone sheath, can be perfectly cleaned and sterilized in an autoclave. So every component that may come in contact, even accidentally, with the patient, can be disinfected according to the best hygienic safety procedures.


The overall dimensions and low weight make welding machine easily portable. Since the machine, for its operation, does not require a connection to the electricity network, its positioning in proximity of the area to be treated is extremely simplified. There are no problems of overthrowing, since the battery is "armored" type. The battery life allows you to make more than one hundred welding cycles at full power before needing to be recharged. Battery charging, thanks to a special circuit, it is extremely fast and takes about three hours for a full charge starting from fully discharged battery.


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